About Jay


Jay Epstein portrait image

Most of us take numerous paths in life, I'm no different. If we're lucky, we stumble upon that one path that ignites the spirit within us. Getting there is always unique. For some it's trial and error, for some it's introduced, for some it's a mere blast of fate. For me, it was a combination of these.

Being a performing musician taught me how to use my own creativity while always striving to innovate.

Being a tradesman taught me to stay within required guidelines and follow blueprints with work ethic and attention to detail as requirements.

Playing baseball, even at 40 requires a true love for the game and the desire to be part of something bigger than yourself. Strategy and commitment shared with others that have the same goals, wins.

As computers changed so did I. Mainframes, networking, programming, telecom and data design all have seen drastic growth since my high school days. My technical career was built on these technologies. I spent considerable time in each to find my strengths and share knowledge along the way.

The end result was that data architecture has, and is, truly my forte. Drupal is my tool of choice for building data driven web sites.