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Relativity is a different approach to building Drupal sites that comprises user interface design, data architecture, speed optimization and ease of use for anyone, regardless of experience or skill level. I believe that a Content Management System should be built in a specific direction and that direction is up. Just like any home or building construction, blueprints are designed and approved. Then skilled subcontractors are assigned specific pieces of work to complete in phases. As each piece is completed, an inspection occurs to ensure the work has been built to the specifications. When all work has been completed, final inspections occur prior to allowing occupancy. Without a rock solid foundation and each piece being built to spec, the rest of the construction is now in jeopardy and will probably fail inspection. That scenario very closely matches my beliefs in how to build Drupal websites of any size or complexity.

Relativity didn't happen overnight. It isn't a Drupal module, distribution, or install profile. Simply put, Relativity is a collection of steps and procedures that are specifically designed to demystify, simplify, reduce size and speed optimize Drupal. It evolved through many iterations over the course of several years and versions of Drupal core. But one single concept that began on day one remains true to this day: Drupal does not have to be hard and expensive. Within that same concept is the fact that Drupal isn't just for those huge enterprise websites. Drupal is an appropriate choice for any website that requires a true "data driven" setup.

Relativity is the glue, strategies and mindset that makes Drupal far more inviting whether you're a development shop, web developer, whiz kid, site owner or an aspiring hobbyist.