Content as a Service


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I think everyone that has anything to do with Drupal has heard the terms decoupled, progressively decoupled, headless etc. But in the traditional sense, Drupal offers many free themes for you to download and basically "plug in" to your site. There are also many themes that you can buy, then plug in. Recently, with all the available javascript frameworks out there, more and more customization, interaction and animations have come into front end Drupal. But as a modular, highly customize-able, flexible framework, Drupal doesn't have to have a front end at all. It can be used as a log in based content repository builder. That content can then be made available for consumption by external applications such as mobile apps, custom javascript applications and yes, even other Drupal sites. So decoupling, or headless simply means, removing the front end from Drupal. I prefer to call this concept Content as a Service, or CaaS.

more to come...