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The web is a very complicated place. For site owners, this translates to added expense in both developing and maintaining a website. It also increases hosting costs. For developers it makes it difficult to be a master of something that constantly evolves.

A CMS such as Drupal has a back end (content add/edit/delete), a front end (layout, design and presentation) and optional further front end development in the form of custom interaction, animations and the like. So, if there's just these 3 pieces, why is everything so complex? Why is it so expensive? Why is Drupal mysterious and tough to approach? Instead of trying to solve these, why not just look at things from a different direction? How can we make Drupal easier to interact with and less expensive, but at the same time build better sites.

If we explore on a deeper level what Drupal core can do with the smallest inventory of contributed modules and be willing to pause on "best practices" and "just how things are done", I think we can tap into some pretty amazing things.

So the prerequisites are as follows:

  • Accept that best practices might not be the best.
  • Attempt new things and share our learning and innovation.
  • Look deeper at the three pieces of a Drupal site and put forth new best practices.