Taxonomy or Nodes


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Those that have watched me speak at Drupal Camps, Drupal User Group meetings etc have all heard how I feel about Taxonomy in Drupal. For those that haven't heard my opinion, I'll keep it to the point... I am NOT a fan in the least. But with Drupal 8, newer advancements have swayed my opinion a drop, but not much to be honest. Have I used it? Yes I have. Have I been bitten with negative situations each time? Yes I have. Do I ever get bitten with negative situations when staying with nodes? Never.

Taxonomy is one of the bigger selling points of Drupal. It's an "out of the box" way to categorize content. It has its own pre-installed Views. It wraps all content related to a term into actual site sections. It can serve as its own navigation. You can even create Taxonomy that is nested with parent terms that have related child terms. You can add your own fields to a vocabulary term. Sounds super great right? Should be a "no-brainer" right? In my opinion, a definite no.

Nodes are the power of Drupal plain and simple. Blocks, the node display and Views offer enormous power and flexibility. There's even a ton more power to these if you do not bog the system down with unnecessary modules, additional permissions, fields, relationships and Views, and focus on the underlying node data architecture. Taxonomy is almost a mini CMS within the bigger Drupal CMS. But nodes give us everything Taxonomy does so why use it at all?

So why is taxonomy so popular and why is it used as extensively as it is? Because it's there. Maybe this is an opportunity to look at innovating the site build mindset and remove complications before they can occur.

Why couldn't you just create a content type that holds classifying nodes? Example;

Content Type 1: Event

Content Type 2: Event Type

There's no additional permission tiers, fields, Views etc. Food for thought if you're hungry :)